Alex De Pase Biography

ALEX DE PASE TATTOO TATUAGGIO REALISTICO RITRATTOAlex De Pase is a tattoo artist born in in Grado, Italy.
At 14, Alex was introduced to tattooing through a friend that learned the art in prison and start tattooing with a bic pen and home made needles.

After more than 20 yeras he has become one of the Realistic movement’s known exponents with the intent to propagandize the idea of Art of Tattooing instead a simple practice.

De Pase was included in the 2009 Dream Team Tattooing’s Best of the Best which showcased the outstanding tattoo artists of the year and in the 2011 the Magazine “Rebel Ink” included Alex in the 25 Most Wanted Tattoo Artist.

Alex De Pase is the organizer of the World Wide Tattoo Conference, the first traveling event focused on the diffusion of the tattoo techniques and philosophy to move the tattoo comunity to new levels.
Alex De Pase is a member of the jury of The Chaudesaigues Award 2013 together with the amazing artists Shane O’NeillNikko Hurtado and Mike DeVries.


Alex De Pase had taught Tattoo Techniques at ENAIP Friuli Venezia Giulia.
He had done seminars at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering (USA) and at the World Wide Tattoo Conference in Rome, Chicago and London.
In the 2012 Alex has teached at CLAAI FORM, training, promotion, study and research.organization.

Alex De Pase “Fine Art Prints”

Dal dipinto di Alex De Pase intitolato “Simply Skull” apparso nelle copertina di Tattoo Artist Magazine e nelle riviste Calaveras e Cranial Vision sono state stampate in “Fine Art” 100 copie che verranno numerate e firmate da Alex stesso, raccolte nella loro unica cartellina.

Per acquisti e informazioni scrivere a info@alexdepasetattoo.comale2 copy copy